Terranova Nutrition's Prenatal Multivitamin by Laura Downes

Terranova Nutrition's Prenatal Multivitamin by Laura Downes

Terranova Nutrition's Prenatal Multivitamin

The Prenatal Multivitamin was one of the first products Terranova launched 
when the company started in 2009. In addition to genetics, the quality of
nourishment of the pregnant woman is undoubtedly the most critical factor in
the health of the developing foetus. Even those in the medical establishment
who are less aware of the need for supplements in the general population will
acknowledge the need for them in pregnant women. Terranova wanted to
formulate a product which provided a wider selection of nutrients, and in
potencies which were optimal without being excessive and which were
appropriately balanced.

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The degree of ‘purity’ of the physical environment that the foetus is exposed
to is also crucial. But one major problem with prenatal supplements prior to
Terranova has been the fact that with only a few exceptions worldwide, such
products were almost always laden with numerous manufacturing additives.
NO manufacturing additives are beneficial to the health of either the foetus or
the mother and ALL of them are counterproductive to the goal of avoiding
impurities in the mother’s body. Terranova decided from the very beginning
that EVERY Terranova product was going to be 100% additive-free.

Why Folate instead of Folic Acid?
Folic acid is basically a synthetic version of the folate that is found in foods.
Folic acid is not found in nature, and the human body cannot use folic acid as it
is – it must first be metabolised into its active methylfolate form in order to
provide it’s benefits. However, recent research has uncovered a shocking
statistic that between 10-15% of the population have a genetic mutation which
significantly impairs their ability to metabolise folic acid. In addition to this
mutation impairing the health benefits of folic acid, folic acid which cannot be
metabolised properly is thought to build up in some people leading to toxicity.
When Terranova became aware of just how prevalent and how significant this
genetic mutation was, we immediately scheduled the removal of standard folic
acid from ALL of our products which contained it and replaced the folic acid
with methylfolate, the form which is already active and is not affected by this
mutation. Terranova were the first major company in the UK and Ireland to
replace folic acid with methylfolate in all products. Not surprisingly, this issue takes on special significance in pregnancy because of the proven role that
folate status has in the prevention of neural tube defects.

Many of Terranova’s nutritional products include what is known as a
‘Magnifood Complex’. This is normally a blend of wholefood and botanical
ingredients, many of which are freeze dried and organic – but in order to
ensure the safety in pregnancy of all the ingredients, the Magnifood complex
in Terranova Prenatal Multivitamin is comprised of only whole foods and with
no herbs. These wholefoods are combined with the vitamins and minerals that
you see listed on the label. Magnifood is designed to enhance or assist in the
absorption, bioavailability, stability, metabolism and function of the vitamins
and minerals in each product.

The goal in the way Terranova products are
formulated is to create an intensely synergistic formulation that is highly
effective, remarkably versatile, gentle, balanced, 100% active, free from
unnecessary ingredients and above all, safe. With almost every Terranova
product, more than half of the weight of the product is whole foods.

Terranova Nutritional Advisor & Trainer Laura Downes

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