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Terranova prenatal multivitamin complex is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral complex for pregnant and breastfeeding women enhanced with highly active, whole and unadulterated superfoods and botanicals.

Stabilised rice bran (srb)
srb has one of nature`s highest concentrations of the vitamin e-related compounds tocopherols and tocotrienols, as well as b-vitamins, fibre, essential fatty acids, minerals and more than 100 different compounds possessing antioxidant activity (such as alpha lipoic acid [which also recycles antioxidants such as vitamins c and e], coenzyme q10 (coq10), carotenoids and the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (sod), peroxidase and catalase).

Kale is a good source of many nutrients, with carotenoids and sulphur rich antioxidants such as sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol being among the most important.
Blackberry fruit
blackberries are among the highest orac rated antioxidant fruits and a potent source of anthocyanin flavonoids and carotenoids (especially zeaxanthin, lutein, beta carotene and cryptoxanthin).

Bilberry fruit
in addition to its plentiful amounts of vitamin c and the mineral manganese, bilberry is especially known for its high concentration of anthocyanoside flavonoids. Among other areas, these flavonoids (which provide much of the blue-purple colour associated with bilberries) may play a significant role in supporting the health of collagen and connective tissue, the circulatory system and the eyes.

Pumpkin seed
Pumpkin seeds are one of the most abundant natural sources the important micronutrient zinc, as well as supplying good levels of copper, the most important nutrient to keep in proper balance with zinc. The seeds also provide a high concentration of healthy fats.

Beet juice & greens
Beet root provides various b-vitamins (especially rich in folate), as well as significant levels of vitamin c, the minerals potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper and the important methyl donor betaine. Among other nutrients, beet greens additionally provide high levels of carotenoids, especially lutein and zeaxanthin.,/P>

Spinach is an excellent source of nutrients, such as carotenoids (especially lutein and zeaxanthin), vitamins k and c, folic acid and manganese.

What is magnifood?

Each terranova nutritional product is enhanced with its own synergistic complex of botanicals and phytonutrient-rich foods, called magnifood. Magnifood ingredients are combined in a manner which enhances the body`s biochemical environment in order to maximise the potential benefits of the product`s vitamins, minerals and/or other nutrients. Many of the plants used in magnifood are fresh freeze dried. Research shows that fresh freeze drying has the unique ability to retain a plant`s enzymes, and is shown to be superior to other drying methods in terms of activity, stability, solubility and preservation of a plant`s original fresh chemistry (as it was when the plant was harvested).

Magnifood advantages:

Enhancing absorption, bioavailability, utilisation, activity, stability, function and effect of the product`s nutrients.
Providing synergistic enzymes and co-factors crucial to the utilisation and functions of the product`s nutrients.
Providing a vast array of phytonutrients that enhance the potential functions and/or applications of the product.
Providing ingredients which enhance the overall content of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the product.
Protecting ingredients from oxidative damage, helping to support the stability and activity of the product`s nutrients.
Terranova Prenatal Multivitamin Complex Veg Caps - Horans Healthstore
  • Terranova Prenatal Multivitamin Complex Veg Caps - Horans Healthstore
Terranova Prenatal Multivitamin Complex Veg Caps - Horans Healthstore