Winter Wellness Superfood

Winter Wellness Superfood

Winter Wellness Superfood but without the sting - why all
Manuka Honey isn’t made equal.
Recently, the world has been obsessing over new (and expensive) types of honey like Manuka Honey, touted as a natural ‘healer’ which may treat wounds, cold and flu, sore throats and more. But your supermarket Manuka Honey may not be worth the hype.

Manuka Honey is the first Honey to be so extensively researched and recognised for its remarkable natural qualities. This rare Honey is produced for just a few weeks every year when the Manuka is in flower. Manuka nectar contributes special natural compounds that make Manuka Honey the most highly valued of all Honeys- combining the time-honoured goodness of honesty with the powerful qualities of the New Zealand Manuka tree. The hardy and resilient Manuka tree has a long history as a respected medicinal plant, traditionally used by the native New Zealand Maori people as a remedy for digestive, oral and skin ailments.
Extensive scientific research has shown Manuka Honey has remarkable natural qualities that set it apart from other honeys. Not all Manuka Honey is equal though, and it requires specialist expertise to be at its natural best.
Manuka Honey is only made in New Zealand and only during a few weeks every summer when the Manuka is in flower. To capture the nectar flow the beehives must be placed in the wild remote Manuka areas at just the right time, and conditions have to be just right – strong winds will blow the flowers from the plants, while rain keeps the bees from venturing out of their hives. Making Manuka Honey is a lot more challenging than common honeys like Clover which grows all year round in backyards everywhere!

Founded in the small rural town of Te Awamutu, New Zealand in 2006, Manuka Health is now a leading global Manuka Honey brand.
Every batch of Manuka Honey is ‘fingerprinted’ by scientific traceability company Oritain. This means that they can trace any jar of their Manuka Honey back to its true origin and confirm it’s genuine.

Manuka Health Manuka Honey is independently tested to rigorous industry standards (set by the New Zealand Government), ensuring each batch is guaranteed to be genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey.  Only honey that meets these standards can be certified for export and labelled as New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Manuka Health Manuka Honey hives are placed in wild pristine areas with very little risk of
contaminants in the environment. But to be absolutely certain they routinely test for pesticides and
herbicides including glyphosate residues, and every batch is triple tested to make sure the honey is
always of the highest quality and purity. And if that wasn’t enough, MGO Certification gives the
ultimate assurance of quality and potency. As beekeepers and advocates of natural wellbeing,
sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the very heart of what Manuka Health do and
they never compromise on the health of their bees and ensuring they maintain the pristine beauty
of New Zealand nature for generations to come.

Don’t compromise this winter, call into your local Horan’s Health Store for Manuka Health MGO+ Manuka Honey or shop online with us here.