Summer Essentials From Horan’s Healthstore

Summer Essentials From Horan’s Healthstore

Nutritional Therapist Heather Leeson offers top nutrition tips for Summer 2021

Summer is finally here, and things look like they may be getting back to normal. But this summer does have its own challenges and might be a little more busy than usual as we plan staycations and the situation around Covid changes. Here are some top Summer nutrition tips from Nutritional Therapist Heather Leeson and we have also included some links to essential Summer nutrition products which were featured on our Ireland AM segment which will help you on your way to a healthier Summer.


Get out and about

Even before thinking about food, the summer is a great time to get moving outside. You don’t have to be training for a marathon to reap the rewards of exercise.  Even a brisk walk for 20 minutes outside will help to boost mood and energy and help you sleep better too.

B vitamins for energy

  • To keep your energy up over the summer, make sure you are getting plenty of b vitamins in your diet, especially B12 and B5 to help reduce fatigue and support a healthy nervous system.
  • We all need B12 to produce red blood cells, to transport oxygen through the body.  Best sources of B12 are from animal-based foods – meat, dairy, eggs and fish. 
  • Some people have an issue absorbing B12 and can have low levels.  Vegans or those who don’t eat much meat can also run the risk of a B12 deficiency.  While nutritional yeast, marmite and mushrooms can provide some non-animal based B12, a supplement can be helpful for some people. 
  • When taking B vitamins, it’s a good idea to take a complex containing several B vitamins as these work synergistically.  Many B vitamin complexes also include other vitamins or herbs for more comprehensive support.


Aspire2 Mental Performance 

This effective supplement from a new, science-based Irish company contains botanicals to support stress response, in addition to B12 and B5 and is a great choice if you are feeling under pressure.  The Ayurvedic herb ashwaghanda has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety and insomnia.  Mental Performance also contains Siberian Ginseng, recognised by the EU as having well established use for the treatment of mental and physical fatigue, supporting the body’s ability to manage stress.



Zest Active

This comprehensive supplement is made by another great Irish company and contains 25 active ingredients including b vitamins.  It’s a great choice to provide energy for those with a busy active lifestyle, or if you need an energy boost without any stimulants or caffeine. It also contains effective immune support including zinc and Wellmune beta glucans developed by The Kerry Group.  This is a handy product to take away with you this summer as it comes in small sachets, easy to throw into your bag.  Mix with water to make a pleasant orange flavoured drink.

Zest Active

Protect and hydrate your skin

As the layers come off, it’s a good time to look after our skin health.  Avoid dehydration and help your skin to glow by making sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Everyone’s requirements are different, but a good rule of thumb, especially in warmer weather, is at least 1.5L daily

Make sure you use SPF to protect your skin from the sun.  Skin cancer is still the most common form of cancer in Ireland, with more than 13,000 cases every year.   So, slap on the factor 50, especially on your face.  Find some great natural skin protection products on

Vitamin C helps healthy skin

  • As well as providing immune support, vitamin C also helps in the formation of collagen, needed for healthy skin, teeth and gums
  • While many of us think of oranges for vitamin C it’s found naturally in almost all fresh fruit and veg.  Great sources include kiwi fruit, peppers (1 cup of chopped red pepper has 3 times more vitamin C than an orange), kale and other greens like broccoli, fresh herbs like parsley and berries.  7 or 8 strawberries will give you more vitamin C than an orange and more than your daily requirement.  
  • Aim to eat 5 portions of veg and 2 portions of fruit every day .  Include a salad as part of your lunch or dinner and snack on fresh fruit to bump up your vitamin C intake. Make vitamin C ice pops by blending berries with a little natural yoghurt for another tasty way to boost vitamin C.

Vestra Nutrition Liposomal Vitamin C 

This Irish supplement provides a high dose vitamin C encapsulated within a liposome complex. Like a tiny bubble, Vestra’s liposomal formulation both protects the nutrients and enhances the delivery to the cells. It also means that this product is gentle on the stomach.  This supplement includes quercetin and bioflavonoids from acerola cherries and rosehips which help the body to use vitamin C and can help to reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies.


Vestra Nutrition

Vitabiotics Perfectil original

This popular product incorporates 20 micronutrients  including Vitamin C, B vitamins and biotin to maintain healthy skin. The minerals selenium and zinc contribute to hair and nail health and Grape Seed extract and Natural Mixed Carotenoids help  to protect the skin from the inside out. It’s a good choice as a multivitamin formula for the summer.

Healthy fats hydrate from the inside out

  • While we used to worry about limiting fats, we now know that it’s very important to include healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, seeds and oily fish in our diet to help to keep our skin healthy.  Most important is omega 3, found in oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines. Plant based sources of omega 3 include chia, pumpkin and linseeds, but you need to eat fairly large amounts to get enough.
  • EPA and DHA found in fish oils help to manage oil production and skin hydration and can make a very positive difference in skin health to people with eczema and dermatitis.  EPA can also help prevent build-up of keratin around hair follicles, which appears as little red bumps on the upper arms.

Most Irish people are not eating the recommended 2 – 3 portions of fish per week, so taking a supplement can be helpful.  Look for one with good levels of EPA and DHA, at least 600mg per day.

Food ideas to increase your omega 3:

  • Include shelled hempseed or chia seeds with your breakfast or stirred through yoghurt as a snack.
  • Add pumpkin seeds to your salad .
  • Fresh grilled mackerel makes a great dinner served with a salad or roast vegetables and new potatoes.
  • Snack on a portion (palmful) of walnuts and a piece of fruit.

Minima MorEPA Original

More EPA is one of the most concentrated fish oil supplements on the market. Its fish oils are extremely pure, with 85% omega 3 per capsule, compared to many fish oil supplements which are padded out with other fats and fillers and only 30% omega 3. Minima source their omega 3 oils sustainably from small fish (anchovy, sardine, and mackerel), which also tend to be less polluted than larger fish.


Minima MorEPA Original

Recommended Products & pricing

Aspire 2 Mental Performance – €36.95

Zest Active – €35.20 Large Pk 30 Day 

Vestra Nutrition Liposomal Vitamin C – €49.95 

Viatabiotics Perfectil Original – €13.95

Minami MorEPA Original 30s – €20.50, Small PK €9.95 – 7 Day


 Recommended Nutritional Food for this Summer: 

  • B12 foods such as fish, eggs, dairy + marmite or nutritional yeast
  • Plenty of Water
  • Vitamin C rich foods – peppers, strawberries, broccoli, parsley, salad bowl + ice pop moulds
  • Healthy fats – extra virgin olive oil, olives, nuts, seeds, oily fish