Wild Nutrition Food Grown Vitamin D 30s

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  • for bones and teeth, muscle function, the immune system and to increase calcium absorption
  • for healthy immunity

Vitamin d supplementation is officially recommended for all during autumn and winter. However, it is also suggested you should also supplement all year round if you are staying indoors for extended periods of time, have dark skin, are pregnant or breast-feeding, or are feeling unwell.

10% of your vitamin d intake can be found from meat, oily fish, dairy and eggs, however if you are avoiding foods derived from animal sources then you will not be getting enough dietary access to vitamin d. The other 90% is obtained from consistent access to sunlight, or supplementation in the darker months.

This formula provides 1,000 iu (or 25ug), which is a safe level. If you have any questions regarding dosage for your particular circumstances, please contact our nutritional team for support.


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