Wild Atlantic Health Ocean Pure Omega-3 60 Caps

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The ocean pure omega-3 has 3 times the levels of epa & epa when compared to ordinary omega supplements. Low levels have very little impact on health or your omega-3 index.

Super-strength, it also contains the ‘missing omega’ dpa for optimal metabolic results omega-3 metabolism relies on having all three present for best results.

Wild-caught, the anchovies are always sustainably sourced from the coldest waters. With the lowest levels of oxidation and contaminants, full traceability from friends of the sea. This is the purest, most potent irish brand available on the market.

60 Capsules, 1 month supply


Pure fish oil from anchovy 2000 mg epa 800 dha 600 dpa 80 mg. Also includes astaxanthin, vitamin d3 and phospatidylcholine to help dha get into the brain.

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