Terranova Zinc Complex 15mg

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Zinc is an important mineral for overall health and is found in every cell of the body.

  • it is required for proper functioning of thymus, growth hormones, as well as for insulin
  • zinc plays a role in maintaining skin integrity and structure
  • helps to control and regulate immune respsonses
  • helps maintain normal taste and smell acuity
  • it also contains acai berries as they not only supply zinc, but also represent a very good source of copper, the most important nutrient to keep in proper balance with zinc
  • no wheat
  • no dairy
  • no corn
  • no soy
  • no yeast
  • no added sugars
  • no additives, colours, flavours and preservatives
  • no fillers, binders or excipients
  • vegan


Magnifood complex 400mg

- stabilized rice bran 250mg
- spirulina [spirulina platensis – organic] 75mg
- pumpkin seed [cucurbita pepo] 50mg
- acai berry [euterpe oleracea] (fresh freeze dried – organic) 25mg

Zinc (as bisglycinate) 15mg

No fillers, binders or other excipients

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

No wheat – no gluten – no corn – no soy – no yeast – no dairy – no gelatine – no animal ingredients – no additives – no added sugar – no colours – no flavours – no preservatives


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