Terranova Magnesium 100mg

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  • magnesium helps to increase energy levels in the body/li>
  • aids to calm nerves, anxiety and helps you falling asleep/li>
  • relieves muscle soreness and spasms/li>
  • magnesium plays an important role regulating levels of calcium, potassium and sodium/li>
  • recommended for anyone with a known magnesium deficiency and less likely to cause laxative effects than other magnesium supplements/li>
  • no wheat/li>
  • no dairy

  • no corn

  • no soy

  • no yeast

  • no added sugars

  • no additives, colours, flavours and preservatives

  • no fillers, binders or excipients

  • vegan

  • contains oat seed – consult physician if coeliac

  • Magnifood synergistic nutrition

    Each terranova nutritional product is enhanced with its own synergistic complex of botanicals and phytonutrient rich foods, called magnifood. Magnifood ingredients are combined in a manner which enhances the body’s biochemical environment in order to maximize the potential benefits of the product’s vitamins, minerals and/or other nutrients. Many of the plants used in magnifood are fresh freeze-dried. Research shows that fresh freeze-drying has the unique ability to retain a plant’s enzymes, and is shown to be superior to other drying methods in terms of activity, stability, solubility and preservation of a plant’s original fresh chemistry (as it was when the plant was harvested).
    Terranova Magnesium 100mg - Horans Healthstore
    • Terranova Magnesium 100mg - Horans Healthstore
    Terranova Magnesium 100mg - Horans Healthstore