Udo’s Choice® Super 5 Microbiotic - 60 Lozenges

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- 2 billion good bacteria per lozenge
- suitable for all the family
- contains xylitolwhich supports the maintenance of healthy teeth.

Udo's choice super 5 microbiotic lozenges contain 2 billion 'friendly' bacteria per lozenge and 5 strains of lacto and bifido bacteria including lactobacillus salivarius as well as xylitol which supports the maintenance of healthy teeth.

Each delicious, natural raspberry flavoured lozenge should be slowly dissolved in the mouth after meals.


- lactobacillus acidophilus (60%)
- lactobacillus casei (15%)
- bifidobacterium bifidum (15%)
- lactobacillus rhamnosus (5%)
- lactobacillus salivarius (5%)

In a base ofmaltodextrin (diluent), xylitol (sweetening agent),microcrystalline cellulose (binder), natural raspberry flavour(flavour enhancer), freeze-dried bacterial cultures, ascorbicacid (antioxidant), magnesium stearate (emulsifier), citricacid (acidity regulator ), silicon dioxide (flow enhancer)

Recommended use:

Adults: 1 - 2 lozenges per day; children:1 lozenge per day.


Udos choice®super 5 must be refrigerated to ensure maximum potency & stability and may be frozen.

Please note this product will arrive unrefrigerated. With such a short timescale in transit its quality/strength will not be affected as the producthasa long shelf life. Please refrigerate upon receipt and use as recommended.For this reason, we can’t accept returns ofudo's choice super 5.

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