Skoon Solid Shower Bar - Fresh To The Max 90g

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Skoon Solid Shower Bar – Fresh to the Max is a sustainable body wash that has high cleansing power, as you massage and foam the bar into your skin and experience moments of refreshment and cleansing. Infused with body caring ingredients, the shower bar nourishes the skin, so you feel clean, fresh and relaxed after use. 

Why you need it:
Skoon Solid Shower Bar – Fresh to the Max invigorates your senses, as you experience a new way of showering. This 100% natural and 100% plant based body wash bar lets keep your body clean, while staying clean to the environment, saving three 250ml plastic bottles for every one bar you use! 
Make a move towards sustainability with this shower bar, without sacrificing body care and cleansing, as this vegan bar is enriched with the highest quality ingredients to give your skin a pure, fresh clean. Spirulina cleanses skin while having an anti-inflammatory property so body acne and spots are reduced, as well as preventing future breakouts, Aloe Vera gives your skin a deep hydration boost, and eucalyptus provides an extra fresh touch for skin, while relaxing your mind. 

How to use:
Apply directly onto damp or wet skin, massage the bar over the skin until foamy. Enjoy a cleansing, fresh moment. Rinse.

Skin type:
Suitable for all skin, including baby and child skin. 

Free from
Vegan friendly, cruelty free, soap free, plastic free.


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