Pharma Nord BioActive D-Pearls Junior (80)

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Pharma Nord BioActive D-Pearls Junior consists of tiny soft gelatin capsules each containing 5 microgram (200 IU) of Vitamin D3. Their size makes them easy to swallow. The vitamin D is dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil, as vitamin-D is a fat-soluble vitamin. D-Pearls Junior are suitable for children over 2 years of age.

Vitamin D is even more important during childhood as the nutrient plays an important role in supporting normal growth and development of bone tissue. When the weather allows for it, it is important for children to get access to sunlight. A

supplement like D-Pearls Junior makes it easier to get sufficient amounts of this nutrient all throughout the year. Vitamin D supplements (as drops) are recommended for children in the age group 0-2 years. From that point on, a capsule preparation is the best way to supplement.

The small gelatin capsules are easy for children to chew or swallow. You can even pierce the capsule and squeeze its content out into food or liquid.

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