One Nutrition® Premium Power Greens 100caps

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Why we love it?

Imagine having all the healthy goodness of three nutrient-rich vegetables plus two protein-packed algae plus two vitamin and mineral-stacked cereal grasses all in one capsule… it all adds up to a nutritional powerhouse to help you stay on the go and combat fatigue.

… And why you will too

We’ve packed in the very best barley and wheatgrass leaf juice, which is juiced then powdered, reducing the fibre and increasing the nutrient absorption per gram.

Alongside a vitamin and mineral packed cruciferous brassica blend of broccoli, white cabbage & kale, we’ve also included spirulina boasting eight essential amino acids alongside another protein dense micro-algae, chlorella which has high levels of chlorophyll plus vitamins b6 and b12.

One nutrition organic power greens capsules are ideal for athletes because they’re tested to wada standards (world anti-doping agency) and therefore totally sports safe.

Serving size & suggested use

Powder – take 1 teaspoon (5g) daily. Mix with water, juice or a protein shake, or add it into your porridge or a yoghurt.

Tablets - 4-6 tablets daily with water.

Do not exceed recommended daily intake

Servings per container:

Powder – 20 (x5g) servings

Tablets – dependent on use

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place


Spirulina* [33.3%], Wheat grass juice powder* [20%], barley grass juice powder* [20%], brassica blend* [16.5%] (Powdered broccoli, white cabbage & kale), chlorella* [10%] *certified organic. Ingredients sourced from india

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