One Nutrition Organic Black Seed Oil 200ml

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One nutrition organic black seed oil is made exclusively from organic egyptian black seed (nigella sativa), cold-pressed and bottled in amber glass bottles to protect the oil from air and light.

  • used for thousands of years as a food and traditional remedy
  • pleasant aroma and taste
  • can be added to a salad dressing
  • certified organic and suitable for vegans

Known as ‘the blessed seed’, black seed oil is said to have a wide number of benefits and has been used for thousands of years in the middle and far east.

Black seed oil has been traditionally used as a food and in general health and wellbeing to support the immune system and to maintain skin, hair, nail and heart health.

With a pleasant aroma and taste, it can be taken internally off the spoon or used as part of a salad dressing. One nutrition organic black seed oil is the highest quality black seed oil available.


Organic black cumin seed (nigella sativa) oil* vitamin e (antioxidant).

*Certified organic.

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