New Nordic Blueberry Eyebright Mega 30 Tablets

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Helps to contribute to the maintenance of your eye health.

New nordic blueberry eyebright plus 30 tablets has been formulated to help aid in supporting your eyes and vitality. These blueberry tablets help to maintain your vision using the lutein extracted from the petals of the tagetes flower.

Each tablet contains 10 mg of lutein as well as being enriched by eyebright, vitamin a, zinc and copper which all help to maintain normal vision and eye health. Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet, and should not be a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle.

Features of new nordic blueberry eyebright plus 30 tablets

  • gluten and dairy free
  • vegan friendly
  • enriched with vitamin a
  • maintains healthy eyes
  • contains zinc, copper

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