Nature's Plus Source Of Life Animal Parade Gold Liquid 900ml

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    • natures plus source of life animal parade gold liquid

    • it can be difficult to persuade children to take vitamins in capsule or tablet form and that is where the wonderful nature's plus source of life animal parade gold liquid steps in.

    • with a delicious tropical berry flavour, each serving is packed with 500 iu of vitamin d3, 50% of a child's daily value of vitamin k2, trace minerals, prebiotics, and an assortment of organic whole foods.

    • to be specific, this unique, effective children's supplement contains vitamin d3 for superior bone and immune system support,

    • vitamin k2 for further bone, immune system and blood health support,

    • over 15 organic wholefoods for a combined promotion of overall health,

    • prebiotics for healthy digestion, lutein for eye and skin protection,

    • all of the essential vitamins and minerals required to keep your child healthy.

Directions for use

Suitable for children aged 4 years and up. One tablespoon or capful (15ml) once daily.


Water, xylitol, certified organic evaporated cane juice, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, natural flavors, xanthan gum, malic acid, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), potassium sorbate (preserves freshness), natural color, vegetable oligosaccharides, certified organic gold standard whole food blend (organic acerola extract, apple, broccoli sprout, cauliflower sprout, collard, kale, kale sprout, nettle, parsley, pure beet juice, carrot, pure spirulina, spinach, tomato juice, wild bilberry, wild blueberry, wild lingonberry, pure chlorella), rose hips (rosa canina fruit), whole brown rice, broccoli, spinach, mango, carrot, west indian cherry (malpighia glabra), papaya fruit. Free from artificial colors and preservatives. Free from the common allergens yeast, wheat, soy and milk.

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