Natracare Organic Cotton Dry & Light Pads PLUS - Pack Of 16

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Individually wrapped.

Bladder weakness is just as common as hay fever and affects about seven per cent of the population. In fact around one in four women over 35 women in the uk have experienced bladder weakness.

Natracare's dry and light pads are a soft and discreet helping hand. They are the first pads of their kind; made from totally chlorine free sustainable and natural biodegradable materials that are also free from petroleum-derived super absorbents and plastics found in many other products.

Natracare's all natural principles give women comfortable reliable protection as well as caring for the environment.

  • latex free.
  • chlorine free.
  • plastic free.
  • perfume free.
  • natural materials.
  • extra soft cover.
  • over 99% biodegradable and compostable.

Natracare’s products are chemical and additive free, using only natural materials that meet their environmental and biodegradable standards, sourced from producers that monitor and manage their resources. Their sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners are also plastic free.

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