Minami Morepa Platinum + Vitamin D3 Orange Flavour 60 Softgels

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Minami® morepa platinum + vitamin d3 is our highest concentration omega-3, delivering 1100mg of omega-3 essential fatty acids in one softgel. When taken alongside a meal, its natural triglyceride form allows for higher absorption.

Epa and dha, the key essential fatty acids found in omega-3, play an important role in maintaining good health. Adjust the dosage that is right for you & your health:

Epa & dha contribute to the normal function of the heart (with 250 mg epa+dha daily; 1 softgel/day)1, the maintenance of normal blood triglyceride concentrations (with 2g of dha daily: 2 softgels/day)2, the maintenance of normal blood pressure (with 3g dha+epa daily: 3 softgels/day)3, and dha contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision (with 250mg of dha daily: 2x1 softgel/day)4.

Vitamin d3 is sometimes described as the 'sunshine nutrient'. It's been proven to support muscle function5 & contribute to the maintainance of normal bones6, teeth6, and immune function7

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