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Mgo manuka honey is suitable for everyday use and can be used as a long-term maintenance dose. It can be taken by eating or application to the skin surface. Manuka honey has a wonderful taste all of its own and can be enjoyed the same as any other natural honey.


Manuka honey has a unique flavour that is loved by new zealanders and more and more people worldwide. Manuka honey provides well- known benefits of natural honey against winter illnesses, the mgo manuka honeys have even proven effective in supporting good digestive health, healthy skin and wound healing, aiding the recovery from a stomach ulcers and sore throat.
Manuka honey has exceptional antibacterial and healing activity.
Is it real manuka?
Manuka mgo honey is a dark, creamy honey with scientifically proven anti-bacterial qualities.  This honey is harvested by bees from the native manuka bush. Manuka flowers have a strong aromatic fragrance and when freshly opened, are full of nectar and much sought after by the honey-bees. The bush flowers only once a year for six weeks, so the harvesting period is very short, making this honey a highly valued product of new zeland. 
Mgo manuka honey contains measured amounts of the ingredient in manuka, methylglyoxal. Every batch of mgo manuka honey is tested in an iso 17025 certified in-house laboratory from raw material to finished product to monitor and guarantee the levels of bioactives.


Mgo  manuka honey


Not suitable for infants under 12 months of age.
For internal use with sore throats, cold and flu, allow 1 teaspoon of honey to gently melt in mouth, slowly coating the throat,
4 times daily or mix it in a herbal tea (not boiling).
For internal use with ulcers and gastritis, spread 1 tablespoon of honey on toast and eat one hour before meals and at bedtime.
For external use: typically, about 1 tablespoon of active manuka honey is used on a 4" x 4" dressing. It is generally more effective to spread the honey on the bandage than directly on the wound.

Manuka Health Manuka Honey Mgo 400+ 500g - Horans Healthstore
  • Manuka Health Manuka Honey Mgo 400+ 500g - Horans Healthstore
Manuka Health Manuka Honey Mgo 400+ 500g - Horans Healthstore