Nourkrin Man Hair Preservation 1 Month Supply 60 Tablets

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Nourkrin man hair preservation nourishes your hair follicles and supports your normal hair growth cycle.
It’s the original hair growth food supplement, and it works to tackle proteoglycan follicular atrophy.
Proteoglycans are biological molecules that regulate hair follicle growth. When your hair growth is disrupted, there is a reduction in proteoglycan levels in the follicle, and nourkrin man hair preservation addresses this problem with marilex – a scientifically formulated proteoglycan replacement, developed as part of a rigorous scientific research programme.
Nourkrin man hair preservation works!
More than 75% of male subjects with hair growth disruption taking part in a published clinical test had a positive result after using nourkrin.
In their lifetime, 80% of men will experience hair loss. But, contrary to common belief, it is not inevitable that men will lose their hair – many factors play a role in the maintenance of a normal healthy hair growth cycle, and in many instances, it can be delayed or reduced significantly.
A one-month supply of nourkrin man hair preservation can begin to address your hair loss issues effectively.

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