Hylo-fresh Preservative Free Eye Drops 7.5ml

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 Hylo-fresh eye drops are designed to provide soothing relief for irritated or mild dry eye symptoms.

  • suitable for use with contact lenses.
  • preservative free.
  • phosphate free.
  • stays sterile for 6 months after opening.
  • apply one drop in each eye as a dose.
  • you can repeat application three times a day.
  • the drops can be used more frequently if required or prescribed.

Please be advised we highly recommend that you read all medication leaflets carefully before you start taking any medicine because it contains important information for you.

Hylo fresheye drops: the blast of freshness for your eyes.

Hylo fresh lubricating eye drops bring new freshness to stressed and tired eyes. Air that is too dry or working at a monitor for a long time put a strain on your eyes and dry them out. The tear film breaks up and the eyes become red and burn.

This is where hylo fresh eye drops with hyaluronan and eyebright (euphrasia officinalis) can help. They replenish the depleted tear film, lubricate the surface of the eye and give your eyes moisture and new freshness.

For eyes irritated by dry air, contact lenses or working at a monitor:

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