Higher Nature Active Silver High Stability & Purity 100ml

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Made using highly purified water, and electro-technology, which produces particles of extremely small size so that they have a proportionately large surface area for better effectiveness. The silver in this colloidal silver is 17-21% particulate (colloidal) and 79-83% ionic. Purity is our priority, so the only

In this product are purified water and medical grade silver which we test to give you the highest quality product.


Who is this for?

Ideal for use at home, when out and about, or on your travels. Perfect for looking after yourself, family and friends, and even many pets. A brilliant addition to any remedy cupboard, the handy spray format means it can be used in most eventualities when at home or travelling the globe.

Purified water and 99.999% Pure silver, at a concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million).

Daily intake

Intended use

Can be used on any surface and can be sprayed into the air. Use the 200ml non-spray size to refill the 15ml and 100ml spray-nozzle sizes.


Keep in a cool, dark place out of reach of children.

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