Floressence Liquid - 500ml

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Flor-essence is a superior formula of eight herb's which work sunergistically to cleanse, stimulate, and strenghten the whole body. Flor-essence also enhance the body's immune system and act as a powerful antioxidant. Flor essence exerts a gentle, but highly effective, influence on the entire individual, gathering and flushing out accumulated toxins, allowing for cellular renewal and leaving one feeling alive and rejuvenated. Gentle detox for the whole body.


Purified water, aqueous extract of: burdock root arctium lappa) sheep sorrel herb (rumex acetosella) slippery elm bark (ulmus rubra) watercress herb (nasturtium officinale) turkish rhubarb root (rheum palmatum) kelp (laminaria digitata) blessed thistle herb (cnicus benedictus) red clover blossom (trifolium pratense) and natural source citric acid (acidity regulator) contains no caffeine, preservatives or artificial colours.


2oz once or twice a day, dilute with an equal or double amount of unflouridated water. Take on an empty stomach. P.M. Prior to retiring and in a.M. 1 Hour before breakfast. For children: 11/2 to 2oz.

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