Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Immunocomplex Single 250ml

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Feeling constantly tired? Run out of steam? Stressed?
Zell oxygen from dr wolz has everything the body needs.
Healing, strengthening and maintaining at a cellular level
taking zell oxygen daily helps to:

  • oxygenate the body

  • protect against free radical damage

  • strengthen your immune system

  • purify and cleanse your body

  • improve bowel functions

  • support healthy digestion

  • protect from oxidative cellular stress

  • eliminate candida (e.G thrush)

  • restore cellular respiration

  • improve the nervous system

  • repair damaged cells and organs

  • fight against flu virus

  • increase energy

  • replenish the skin

  • award winning product zell immunocomplex has all the ingredients of zell oxygen plus with additional nutrients. This is a more superior mix specially diesigned to help strengthen the immune system and to speed up recovery. 
    Zell oxygen immunocomplex is a preparation with a high proportion of beta-glucanes, enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids, trace elements, secondary plant substances, phytochemicals, selenium, zinc, and vitamin d3. This may help those who's body defences have been weakened by physical or emoitionsl stress, such as recurrent infections or chronic conditions.

    recommeneded for:

    zell oxygen immunocomplex is also recommended for colds, flus, allergies, hepatitis, lyme disease, asthma, ear infections, ageing, ulcerative colitis and chron's disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis and burnt out syndrome.


    zell oxygen immunocomplex is made from 100% natural ingredients and is free from any colourings or preservatives.


    for best results it is recommended to take 30ml of zell oxygen immunocomplex daily up to 3 to 6 bottles then switch to zell oxygen plus. This can be repeated later on in the year or when needed.
    Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Immunocomplex Single 250ml - Horans Healthstore
    • Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Immunocomplex Single 250ml - Horans Healthstore
    Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Immunocomplex Single 250ml - Horans Healthstore