TerraNova Vitamin D3 2000iu & Vitamin K2 100ug 50s

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Terra nova vitamin d3 and k2 supplement is a vegan sourced supplement. Vitamin d3 is used for bone health and is sourced from lichen. Vitamin k2 is used to maintain normal bone health and is sourced from chick peas. It is combined with a wholefood complex which helps with the absorption and performance of the vitamins.


Stabilised rice bran 150mg
pumpkin seed [cucurbita pepo] 100mg
shiitake mushroom [lentinula edodes]-fresh freeze dried-organic 100mg
kale leaf [brassica oleracea var acephala]-fresh freeze dried-organic 100mg
parsley [petroselinum crispum]-fresh freeze dried-organic 50mg

mct powder (vegan medium chain triglycerides) 50mg
vitamin k2 [*menaq7®-from chickpeas] (mk7 menaquinone) 100μg
vitamin d3 [vegan cholecalciferol-from lichen 2000iu] 50μg



Take 1 capsule daily with food.

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