Clearspring Organic Japanese Sencha - Loose Tea 90g

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this light and refreshing tea is prepared in kyoto from the season's first tender young leaves harvested at their peak of flavour in late spring. The leaves are briefly steam, rolled and cooled by the special japanese sencha process. Then immediately packed to seal in their fresh taste and aroma.


the traditional japanese practice, not usually found elsewhere, of steaming green tea leaves immediately after picking preserves their unique properties. This steaming, sometimes referred to as the sencha process, takes place within 24 hours of harvesting and inhibits the enzyme activity that causes oxidisation, enabling the tea to retain its bright emerald green leaf colour and preserving its nutritional benefits.

loose tea: place 1 heaped teaspoon of tea leaves per cup in a teapot. Boil water and leave to cool for a minu

store in a cool, dry place.
reseal pack after use.

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