A.Vogel Neem Oil Blend 100ml

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a.Vogel neem oil is cold pressed from the fruit and seeds of the neem tree (azadirachta indica). It contains compounds known as triglycerides and triterpenoids.Neem oil blend is not used in cooking, but has a long history of use in ayurvedic medicine for a wide variety of conditions, from the treatment of leprosy, malaria, tb, as a contraceptive, as well as more mundane conditions such as acne.The main use of neem oil today, however, is in cosmetics such as soaps, creams, hair lotions and oils, as well as an insect repellent.Neem oil has been supported as an organic or biological pesticide, especially in the organic farming industry. The oil is generally reddish in colour and has a strong odour arising from the active ingredient known as azadirachtin.

Directions for use

Apply as required to skin and hair up to four times a day. Not suitable for children under 4 due to essential oils. Avoid contact with eyes. Not suitable for those with nut allergies. Avoid when pregnant. For external use only.

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