Mooncup Reusable Menstrual Cup Size B

Sale price$40.00


  • eco-friendly reusable menstrual cup - safe period protection and long lasting
  • reusable silicone menstrual cup is much more environmentally friendly that using tampons
  • worn internally like a tampon it collects fluid that can be easily washed away
  • save lots of money when using the moon cup instead of tampons
  • loved by women all over the world
  • Size a is recommended for women over 30 and those who have given birth vaginally whilst size b is recommended for women aged below 30 or who have not given birth or given birth via caesarean. However since every woman's body is different we recommend you take into account the diameters of size a and b and choose the one that you think will suit your body best.

    Silicone rubber

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