Uisce Airgid Colloidal Silver Water 100ml 30PPM


Made in Ireland with Pure Steam-Distilled Water and 0.999 Pure Silver Rods by a process of Electrolysis.

Eco Friendly Statement from the creator: 

Happy Earth-Friendly Colloidal Silver

In response to the overwhelming evidence of global warming and with the current state of our rivers, seas and wildlife in terms of single use plastics and non-biodegradable substances. I have decided to simplify my labelling and packaging and move towards 100% re-cyclable and bio-degradable products. Up to now my impermeable labels were not bio- biodegradable. (they could not break down naturally). Hence my new simple approach:  labels  fully re-recyclable and compostable..All my bottles are fully reusable and recyclable and my labelling is now fully compostable. In my packaging I will avoid all cello-tape that is not compostable. I am committed to reducing any possible environmental impact whatever that may take to create a better earth.

My aim is to offer you a 100% natural product.

Simply : silver and vapour distilled water.

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