Udos Choice Super 8 30 Caps



Super 8 contains eight strains of good bacteria to help build your intestinal gut flora.

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Super 8 probiotic contains 30 Capsules. Eight strains of good bacteria which may help aid digestion, promote immune function, aids the build-up of beneficial bacteria after taking antibiotics and supports general health.Key Health Benefits – 30 billion viable/active cells (at expiry), 8 strains of healthy bacteria, vegetarian capsules.Beneficial bacteria, unfavourable bacteria and yeast should balance each other out in the intestines. Super 8 Hi-Potency Probiotic has been specially formulated to help sustain this balance. The eight strains of healthy bacteria used in Super 8 have been specially chosen for their value to upper bowel health and have been formulated to the appropriate viable count.Healthy DigestionAids build-up of beneficial bacteria after taking antibiotics.Promotes immune function.Can be taken last thing at night for fresher breath.


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