FMD Flor Essence Cleansing Herbal Tea Blend 500ml


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FMD Flor. Essence Liquid 500ml. Cleansing Herbal Tea Blend.

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Certified Organic, Flor Essence is an ancient, trusted, herbal remedy used by the Ojiwbe native Americans for hundreds of years. With a blend of eight herbs, it is a very precise formulation with a synergistic effect that is much more powerful than taking the herbs individually. Flor Essence does not provide an instant purgative effect; rather, with consistent use, its eight ingredients idetify, gather and flush toxins out of the body.Noticeable Positive Effects of Taking Flor Essence:Improved Sleep – Natural SedativeImproved Appetite – Taste Buds Restored Glowing Skin – Elimination of ToxinsImproved Digestion – Reduced Bloating, Gas and Inddigestion.Improved Energy Levels – Elimination/normalising of Body Functional Levels.


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