Weleda Refresh & Invigorate Gift Set For Men

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Weleda Refresh & Invigorate Gift Set For Men includes full size shower gel and roll on deodorant for long-lasting freshness! Get invigorated and refreshed with this all-natural, vegan gift set for men this Christmas.
Why you need it:
Weleda Refresh & Invigorate Gift Set For Men contains shower gel and deodorant for long-lasting freshness.
Weleda MEN Active Shower Gel is an all-natural body care product. The unique masculine fragrance comes from stimulating rosemary oil, lemony may chang, and men’s favourite vetiver - a mildly antiseptic grass with a warm, woody undertone.
Weleda MEN 24h Roll-On Deodorant is very straightforward: 24h reliable protection, no aluminium salts, no blocking of pores, natural functions are maintained. The easy to use roll-on has a masculine yet refined scent.
Suitable for vegans.

What's included:
Weleda Men’s Active Shower Gel 200ml (full size)
Weleda 24h Roll-On Deodorant for Men 50ml (full size)

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