Dr Zoo By Moogoo Natural Zinc-free Sun Cream 50g

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  • natural sun protection for your pet
  • zinc-free
  • spf 15 protects 94% of the uv lights
  • safe if ingested

Pets need sun protection too. This natural, zinc-free sun cream is perfect for those sun loving pets as we use edible oils along with titanium dioxide to provide sun protection as an alternative to zinc, which is toxic for pets when consumed in large quantities. Animals that have light coloured noses, thin or missing fur, or that just like to sunbake upside down exposing their bellies, are most in need of sun protection because pets can get sunburnt just like us.

Apply to the nose, ear tips, skin surrounding the lips, and any area where skin is exposed to the sun, particularly pink skinned areas. Re-apply after swimming.


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