Quest Kyolic Garlic - 50% Extra Free - 30+15 X 1000mg Tablets(vegan)

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unique water soluble sulphur containing compounds are produced as garlic ages, which have a powerful effect on the cardiovascular and immune systems. Other constituents with antioxidant properties and prebiotic activity are also found in garlic.

kyolic 1000mg is a food supplement that is often suggested as a source of support for cardiovascular health and a healthy immune system. Not only this, but kyolic is naturally odourless - no longer put up with garlic-scented hands for days on end!

why use quest kyolic garlic 1000mg?

  • helps promote healthy heart and circulatory function

  • supports healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels

  • supports immune function
  • unique, high strength antioxidant

  • may help support levels of chemicals in the brain responsible for regulating mood

  • helps maintain a healthy level of probiotic bacteria in the gut

  • garlic is traditionally used for its anti-fungal properties

    • benefits of quest kyolic garlic 1000mg

  • organically grown

  • odourless

  • water and oil-soluble compounds

  • up to 20 month cold ageing process that generates a cascade of naturally occurring nutrients, many unique to kyolic aged garlic

  • fda evaluated for safety, stability & standardisation

  • standardised with s-allyl cysteine

  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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