Patrick Holford - FLU FIGHTERS

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Patrick Holford - Flu Fighters

My Book Explains Why Some People Get Really Sick, Even Die From Flu, While Others Don’t. I Used The First Two Weeks Of ‘lockdown’ To Write Exactly What Works - How To Win The Cold War And Boost Your Immunity With Natural Non-toxic Nutrients."
colds And Flu, Including Covid-19, Are Viral Diseases That A Healthy Immune System Should Be Able To Fight Off With Natural Immunity. But What Is A Healthy Immune System And How Can You Promote Your Own Immune Power With Diet And Nutrients?

What The Book Covers
- This Book Explains:
- how Viruses Work And Where Are Their Weaknesses
- why Animals That Make Vitamin C Rarely Succumb To Flu Or Colds.
- the Truth About Vitamin C And How To Use It When You’re Infected.
- how Black Elderberry Blocks Viral Replication.
- why Vitamin D Levels Crash In Winter To Make Us More Susceptible.
- other Critical Immune Support Nutrients From Selenium To Zinc.
- how Intravenous Vitamin C Saves Lives In Those With Respiratory Distress.
- you’ll Also Discover How To Restore And Maintain A Healthy Immune System When Not - Infected, Complete With Recipes For Foods And Drinks, And What To Eat, Drink And Supplement When You Are Under Attack To Shorten Duration And Severity Of Colds And Flu.

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