Nutri Advanced Berberine 250mg 60s

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  • Provides 250mg of Berberine HCl from Berberis aristata (Indian barberry) per capsule
  • Also features 50mg milk thistle (Silymarin) per capsule, which helps to improve the bioavailability of berberine, as it has been found to function as a Pgp (P-glycoprotein) inhibitor.
  • The combination of berberine and silymarin has been used in several clinical studies on lipid and glucose markers, with positive results. One study compared berberine + silymarin with berberine alone, with more efficacious results demonstrated in the berberine + silymarin group.
  • Clinical studies indicate that berberine may support blood sugar control
  • Berberine has also be shown to support the liver
  • Berberine has a long traditional use in supporting gut health and microbial balance
  • Milk thistle has been shown to improve the bioavailability of berberine

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