Nhp Vitamin D3 Support 30ml

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The uk’s leading nutritionist and women’s health expert dr. Marilyn glenville phd has formulated a brand new vitamin d3 nutrition support in association with the natural health practice. This easy to take, family friendly vitamin d3 spray helps contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle, as well as normal function of the immune system.

20 Drops will supply 2000iu of vitamin d3 as cholecalciferol

Vitamin d3 support drops is an easy way to stay safe from the sun’s rays and maintain your rda of vitamin d all year round.&Nbsp; vitamin d3 nutrition support drops are suitable for adults, pregnant women and children of all ages.

Vitamin d3 nutrition support is special in that it contains only completely natural


Including vitamin d3, olive oil, natural blackcurrant flavour) and natural vitamin e (d alpha tocopherol) oil

It does not contain any preservatives such as potassium sorbate or any sweeteners.

20 Drops provide 2000iu (one drop 100iu)

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