Kinvara The Feel Good Facial Gift Set

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Combining four of Kinvara Skincare's most popular products so you to experience the ultimate feel good facial at home. In 4 simple but effective steps cleanse, exfoliate, brighten and hydrate your eyes and skin.

Suitable for all skin types. If using for the first time, please patch test first and always discontinue use if irritation develops. Use only as directed.Store in cool,dark conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

How to use

This hot-cloth cleanser contains no harsh chemicals, only an innovative blend of skin loving plant oils to restore balance and cleanse your skin, gently but effectively, without stripping. It also removes make-up, even stubborn mascara, effortlessly. Daily use will leave you feeling fresh faced, fabulous and a step closer to great skin.

Warm 1-2 pumps of oil in your palm, massage onto a damp face and watch as make-up, dirt and grime starts to dissolve. Wash off with a hot facecloth for a gorgeous clean feel. (Designed for around the eyes, not in them. (Should this occur, rinse thoroughly with water.)

This innovative powder gently removes dulling skin cells to leave your skin feeling new, maximising the effect of follow up products. Activating the powder with water ensures maximum efficacy of the Vitamin C and omits the need for additional chemicals. As a super fine powder it washes off completely leaving no annoying grains on your face or in your hair.

Splash your face with warm water. Dispense 5 shakes or approx. ½ a teaspoon of powder into your wet hands. Rub hands together to create a slightly foaming wet paste, adding a few extra drops of water if necessary. Apply this to your face in circular motions avoiding the eye area. Be gentle, do not scrub. Rinse off and follow up with one of our moisturising products

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