Hay Max Aloe Vera Organic Drug Free Allergen Barrier Balm

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Hayfever? Dust or pet allergies? Haymax™ organic, drug-free allergen barrier balms trap allergens before they get in. This one’s aloe vera. 5Ml.

Put some gentle haymax™ aloe vera certified organic, natural, drug-free allergen barrier balms (invisibly) on your nostrils and on the bone around your eyes and it has been proven to trap all types of pollen as well as dust and pet allergens. In fact, it stops over a third of the pollen.

It is suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women and kids as well as drivers, machine operators…and even cynics!

In surveys, 80% of respondents said haymax™ worked. Haymax™ products have won – wait for it – over 40 awards.

All varieties work in the same way, it’s just down to personal preference which one you get.

This one has the highest quality organic aloe vera leaf juice powder taken only from the centre of the leaf. There is no extra fragrance, but customers like the soothing feeling they get on their skin when they apply this to a sore nose..



Organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic aloe vera leaf juice powder and natural vitamin e. And that’s it!



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