Dr. Stuart's Echinacea Plus Tea 15 Enveloped Bags

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Dr. Stuart’s Echinacea Plus Tea Is Naturally Caffeine Free Which Can Help You To Defend Yourself! The Blend Of Ingredients Used Has A Wonderful Benefit In The Fact It Is An Exhilarating Herbal Infusion With Hibiscus, Peppermint And Echinacea. The Herbs Used In This Tea Are Of The Highest Quality And Are Picked From The Best Part Of The Plant As It Contains The Most Essential Oils. Allow To Brew For 5 Minutes And Cover To Ensure All The Goodness Is Released From The Bag But Remains In The Cup. This Pack Contains 15 Enveloped Tea Bags.

Rosehip Shells, Hibiscus Flowers (34%), Peppermint (18%), Echinacea Herb (5%), Blackberry Leaves, Natural Strawberry Flavour, Natural Orange Flavour

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