Higher Nature Starflower Oil 1000mg 30s

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Rich source of gla, providing at least 220mg per capsule

Contains at least twice as much gla than the same amount of evening primrose oil

Great for women of all ages

Particularly suitable for menstruating women or around the menopause

What is starflower oil?

The oil from the starflower is rich in gamma linolenic acid (gla), an omega 6 fatty acid that must be obtained through the diet from linoleic acid which is also found in hemp, safflower and sunflower oils or through supplementation. Starflower oil is extracted from borage seeds, which boasts the highest level of naturally-occurring gla in any plant, a compound which converts to a useful hormone-like substances called prostaglandins in the body. Starflower oil provides at least twice as much gla as the same amount of evening primrose oil. With 220mg of high-quality omega 6 per capsule, our high quality starflower oil can be taken by women of all ages throughout the month and particularly if suffering from pms or around the menopause.


One capsule typically provides 1000mg starflower oil (cold pressed) providing 220mg of omega 6 gla. Approx gelatin capsule size 25mm

Suggested intake take 1 capsule a day

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