BetterYou Children’s Health Daily Oral Spray - 25ml

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betteryou madeleine shaw range children’s health daily oral spray offers a convenient and effective way to support the growth and development of toddlers to teens.

children can be fussy with food, so finding the right supplement is vital to ensure they continue to get the right nutrients to support their growth and development. Easy to administer, this formulation contains everything your child needs to support their health and wellbeing-and it tastes yummy.

the formulation delivers seven key nutrients including vitamins c, a, b12 and d, folic acid, iodine, and vitamin k2.

developed to support children from 1 year old in areas such as bone development, energy requirements, and cognition/attention span, the pill-free formulation has a great-tasting, natural raspberry flavour that little ones will love—for a fuss-free addition to your daily routine.

madeleine shaw is a mother, author, chef, and qualified nutritional therapist. She is passionate about feeding the body with the essential nutrients it needs to support physical and mental wellbeing.

in line with betteryou and madeleine’s green values, the entire range is vegetarian-friendly, palm oil and palm oil derivative-free, and is contained in fully recyclable post-consumer recycled (pcr) packaging, that can be put into household plastic recycling.

  • easy, fuss-free supplementation for children
  • contains 7 key nutrients to support children`s growth and cognitive development
  • great-tasting natural raspberry flavour
  • bottle made from carbon-negative, plant-based plastic
  • 81% of mumsnet users asked would recommend this product
  • free from artificial colours & flavours, alcohol, dairy, gluten & wheat, soy, sugar, palm oil

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