Bach Rescue Remedy Night Liquid Melts 28 Capsules

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RESCUE® Sleep Liquid Melt is a combination of the five Bach™ Original Flower Essences found in RESCUE® plus the Bach™ Original Flower Essence of White Chestnut. White Chestnut has traditionally been used to help switch off the mind from unwanted, repetitive thoughts. These flower essences combined in RESCUE® Sleep to help you enjoy a natural sleep.

  • Don't settle for restless nights, disconnect from the distractions and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead
  • RESCUE Night Liquid Melts has a unique blend of the famous five flower essences with white chestnut to help you disconnect at night
  • Each capsule contains 4 drops of the original RESCUE tincture - Dr Bach's famous combination of 5 natural flower essences, hand-picked from his original gardens in the UK
  • Place one capsule directly onto your tongue, and let it melt instantly to help your mind relax and switch off the repetitive thoughts for a natural night's sleep
  • Alcohol free and sugar free. 

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