APIVITA Uplift Your Mood Coffret

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APIVITA Tonic Mountain Tea Shower Gel Essential Oils is a toning shower gel, produced accordingly to the principles of aromatherapy. This special blend with Bergamot and Eucalyptus, not only will provide gentle cleansing of your skin but also will revitalize your body and soul. The propolis extract has a mild antiseptic effect and at the same time enhances the radiance and health of the skin. Thanks to the Greek mountain tea, this shower gel provides protection from oxidative stress. Suitable for both men and women, APIVITA Tonic Mountain Tea Shower Gel is a chance to kick start the day with optimism and energy.
APIVITA Tonic Mountain Tea Moisturizing Body Milk is a fragrant body lotion that both tones and revitalizes the skin. Based on an exclusive infusion of three different types of Greek mountain tea, this body milk provides valuable antioxidant benefits, which in turn help the skin resist everyday aggressions. The uplifting scent, which combines bergamot and eucalyptus for a refreshing shot of vitality, is suitable for men and women alike—who doesn't need a boost of energy?

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