Plantur 39 Conditioner For Colour/stressed Hair 150ml

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After the age of 40, the hair's pigment cells can lose their color performance and the hair turns gray or white. Women who use colorations as a result inflict stress on both hair and scalp. Repeated washing also adversely affects the hair's surface.

The result:
It loses its shine and becomes difficult to comb.

Plantur 39 conditioner for coloured and stressed hair regenerates the hair's surface and increases hair brilliance. Active avocado components make the hair smooth and easy to style. At the same time, this conditioner protects your scalp.

The conditioner is specially matched to the active ingredient system of plantur 39 and uses a "caffeine buffer" to protect the absorbed phyto-caffeine complex from being rinsed out.

Tip: use together with the phyto-caffeine shampoo for coloured and stressed hairto ensure the best possible results.

After washing, apply a hazelnut-sized amount of plantur 39 conditioner into your hair. Leave in for 30 sec. And rinse well.


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