New Year Health Goals by Gill Books (Rosanna Davison’s New Years Picks)

Udo’s Choice Super 8 Gold Microbiotics
With a guaranteed 102 billion ‘friendly’ bacteria per capsule, are designed to support digestive health and encourage the growth of beneficial gut flora.  I have been using them for the last few months and I believe they have really helped to improve my digestion.  If you are already a fan of Super 8, then think of Super 8 Gold as an upgrade!

Irish Botanica Echinacea 
Echinacea is a popular traditional herbal medicine for helping to improve cold and flu like symptoms.  I love that brand is Irish, of a superior quality and ethically sourced.  I would begin taking it at the first indication of a blocked sinus, sore throat or any other symptom of a cold.

One Nutrition Power Greens
Many of us struggle to eat enough dark leafy green vegetables, so this powder is an easy way to boost your daily intake, although its not a substitute for a balanced diet.  I like to add it to smoothies, and benefits include a boost in energy levels.  Rich in Iron it can improve oxygen flow around the body and help reduce feelings of fatigue. (also available in capsule form).

One Nutrition D3 Max
A high quality and vegan Vitamin D3 supplement, I love how easy it is to take this, just a spritz under your tongue and its quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.  D3 is particularly important to take throughout the winter months in Ireland when we dont receive enough sunshine for Vitamin D production in the body, and its essential for immune support and bone health.

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