Mitchelstown Store

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
  • Saturday 9am-6pm


Therapies Offered:

Homeopathy – Marion Condon (025)86868

Nutritional therapy – Linn Thornstensonn (025)86868

Therapists whom we work in conjunction with:

Naturapath – Robyn Smyth (025) 39316


Horans Health Store Mitchelstown

9 Lower Cork Street


Co. Cork


Phone:  00353 (0)25 86868

Fax:  00353 (0)25 86868


Shopping in Horans Health Store Cork Mitchelstown

Horans Health Store Cork Mitchelstown is located at 9, Lower Cork, the main shopping street in this historic market town in North Cork. We opened for business 9 years ago, on September 9th 2008.

The shop has a bright, cheerful modern interior, and a layout which facilitates both browsing by the more relaxed customer and easy-to-find ‘grab and go’ shopping by busy ‘on the go ‘customers.

The shop is staffed by a full-time Manager, Caroline Sheehan, and one part-time assistant, Triona Gibbons. Manager Caroline has worked for the Horans group since 2002. She last lots of experience in helping customers find the best solutions to whatever problems or needs they present with. She qualified as a kinesiologist. Triona has qualifications in Lifestyle and Nutritional coaching and as a yoga teacher. “I have a passion for empowering people to make the healthiest and wisest choices for themselves and their families. They can best do this, in my opinion, by getting accurate information and objective guidance that respects the natural workings of our amazing human bodies which always want to heal themselves”.

To that end, the foods and supplements on offer in the store have been specifically selected to support the natural workings of all the body systems. We seek always to help the body heal itself, not just to mask the symptoms.

“Over the years I have spent lots of time explaining to customers (to the best of my ability) how their body works, and how best to provide it with foods and/or supplements that will facilitate it to heal itself. I think that there are huge gaps in the education systems of this country about how our bodies work and how to maintain our health – plain and simple as that”.

The ranges of foods and supplements include many well-known brands such as A Vogel, Solgar, Quest, Viridian, Eskimo and many more. Any product that gets to sit on our shelves has to earn its place by virtue of its quality and effectiveness. Value for money also plays a part – the most expensive items may not be the most effective. We hope that a visit to our store will be a pleasant and uplifting experience, and that you will be satisfied with our suggested solutions to any issues or problem you may have.

Caroline Sheehan


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