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Welcome to Horan’s Online Health and Beauty Store, 100% Irish Owned.  We began back in 1988 as a single Fruit and Veg Store.  We have expanded to also become an online Health Food and Beauty store, Ireland oriented.  To date we have 7 Fruit and Veg stores and 15 Health Food and Beauty Stores in the Munster area. If you haven’t visited us yet, you soon will!


Horan’s Offline and Online Health and Beauty

Our stores are based in the Munster area and we currently have 15 Health Food Stores.  Therefore, we can offer you a broad range of products and services in each and every one. We stock a broad range of health supplements. These include probiotics, omega oils, vitamins and minerals and much more. We have a monthly magazine which also contains information, tips and advice. New products and exclusive special offers for our customers to enjoy are also highlighted.
We have products for Women’s Health and Children’s Health. We also cater for Men’s Health and Sports Health. Dental Care and  general Ailments are also a focus as well as weight loss/detox.



Health related issues are focused on by our therapies. Food intolerance, blood iron levels and cholesterol levels are just a few. Therapies vary from store to store. So, it is wise to follow us on Facebook or read our monthly magazine to find more details.



Our philosophy is based on excellent customer care and also quality products. Many of our products are also used by our staff.  These are often highlighted in the magazine under ‘Staff Favourites’. Taken together, this guarantees that customers will get the best experience with Horan’s Health Stores.

Horan’s Irish Online Health Store – the Leading Online Health and Beauty Store Ireland has. Browse our extensive range of health and beauty products and supplements now!

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