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Koyu Organic Japanese...
This grade of matcha green tea is an excellent choice for those suffering from fatigue, low energy levels, inflammatory conditions and digestive sluggishness.
Divine Fairtrade Cocoa 125g
This high quality cocoa is the best of the best. Whether whisking up a rich dark cup of fragrant hot cocoa, or using cocoa in your favourite chocolate recipes, Divine Cocoa is the perfect choice.
True Natural Goodness...
Spirulina is a microscopic multi-cellular cyanobacterium, occurring naturally in rivers and lakes. It is a sustainable, easily digestible source of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
Captain Kombucha Pineapple... Captain Kombucha Pineapple... 2
Kombucha is a fermented tea with unique nutritional benefits. Intense but sweet! The Captain Kombucha recipe perfectly combines the flavor and all the benefits of Pineapple and Peach.  400ml.  
Pukka Elderberry &...
Sanctuary is expecting you. Let yourself fall into a deep bed of ripe wild fruits: purple-black elderberries, inky blackcurrants - blessed by the fragrant FairWild elderflower and touched by the tingling notes of echinacea. 
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