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Altrient C Liposomal Vitamin C is a combination of Vitamin C and phospholipids which make up our cell membranes, creating a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C and making it the most bioavailable form of oral vitamin C.
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A great-tasting Liposomal Vitamin C, to be had on the go straight from the sachet or mixed into water, smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge, granola & more. 1000mg of Liposomal Vitamin C per 15ml sachet.
TanCare Pharma Nord contains a big dose of pure betacarotene which is a carotenoid that belongs to a group of yellow and red plant dyes. It is betacarotene which gives carrots their orange colour. Betacarotene is fat soluble, ie. is best absorbed along with a fat.
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